Quick Hitching in Spokane.

Issue 5 and Volume 1892 12.

Quick Hitching in Spokane. Chief Weinbrenner of the Spokane (Wash.) Fire Department is preparing his annual report for the city commissioners. He tested the efficiency of the different companies a few days ago. and the promptitude with which the men responded to the different calls is creditable alike to both chief and men. The most noticeable feature of the contest was the time made by No. 4 company in getting their whole apparatus from the station to the street. A general alarm was turned in by the chief, and in twenty.four and three-fourths seconds that engine, chemical, hose reel and ladder truck were in the street. No. 3 company needed twenty-nine and three-fourths seconds to accomplish the same maneuvers. The time made by No. 4 is considered away above the average, and is thought to have broken the record. It is only just to say that No. 4 station house…

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