The Galveston (Tex.) Fire Department.

Issue 6 and Volume 1892 12.

The Galveston (Tex.) Fire Department. The city auditor of Galveston, Tex., at the request of the Mayor, has just issued the following statement: In response to a communication addressed by his Honor, R. L. Fulton, Mayor, at your request, in which he asked me to prepare a statement showing the cost of running the fire de partment of the city for the past five years, and such data on the subject as will serve as a proper basis for the claim that you propose to urge, that a reduction in insurance should be made by the Board of Underwriters, I have the honor to submit the following: The statements here given are for the municipal year which begins on the first day of March and ends on the last day of the following month of February. The cost of running the department for the years indicated was as follows :…

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