The Deterioration of Fire Protection. No. 2.

Issue 8 and Volume 1892 12.

The Deterioration of Fire Protection. No. 2. CONSIDERING the question of fire service as at present constituted in our large cities, there is but one conclusion to arrive at, namely, what shall be done to make it effective, coupled with the efficiency of a fire department? It is not expected that a fire department engineer should know why it is that a sufficient quantity of water is not at hand and immediately available for whatever purposes that in his judgment may be equal to the emergency. It is the province of the municipality through its board of public works or the corporation in charge of the water-works to provide for every and any emergency that is occasioned by a fire of great or less character. In fact, an efficient fire department cannot be expected to cope with and subdue a fire without an adequate supply and pressure of water any…

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