The Age of Artesian Wells.

Issue 8 and Volume 1892 12.

The Age of Artesian Wells. The origin of artesian wells is buried in the mists of antiquity. They were common in North Africa and in China in pre-historic ages, and yet for centuries the boring of such wells remained as one of the lost arts and it was not until the year 1126 that the attempt to tap subterranean reservoirs was renewed. At that time the good monks of the Carthusian convent at Lilliers in Artois succeeded in sinking a well, still extant, and the oldest in Europe. Nothing definite is known of the causes that led to the consummation of the enterprise, but it is probable that the scientists among the monks had ascertained the fact that all the great masses of water which lie upon the surface of the globe meet at different distances from the level of the sea. Vast bodies of water are suspended in natural…

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