Why the Skyscrapers are Safe.

Issue 10 and Volume 1892 12.

Why the Skyscrapers are Safe. “ The violent storm that visited Chicago and other places in Illinois last month put to a severe test the methods of building construction in the localities it touched,” says The Philadelphia Press. “ The signal service records have no account of ihe occurrence of such a storm in past years. It traveled at the rate of eighty miles an hour, carried along wilh it great sheets of water, tore up the pavements of the streets, and lifted up huge beams of wood as if they had been feathers. The first thought of every resident of Chicago, when the storm had spent its force, was as to the fate of the tall buildings that are a peculiar feature of the architecture of that city. “ With such a mass of stone, brick and iron towering above their heads, it is not surprising that the people…

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