Firemen in Great Peril.

Issue 10 and Volume 1892 12.

Firemen in Great Peril. On Saturday last the New York Department was summoned to a fire in Wooster street. As soon as the firemen arrived they clambered up the fire escapes on the front of the building, carrying hose with them. The centre of the building WAS down, but the front wall still stood. It was apparently strong, but when the firemen began to climb on it it trembled and threatened to topple over. Fireman Morris Stack of Engine 27 was on the fire escape at the fourth story when his comrades shouted to him that the wall was coming down. With him were Firemen William McCoy, also Engine 27. and Patrick Lucas of Engine 30. Stack looked up and saw the wall above him slowly swaying forward. He dropped the hose which he held in his hand, and with a yell of warning lo his comrades sprang out into…

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