Bound Brook (N. J.) and Sewerage.

Issue 10 and Volume 1892 12.

Bound Brook (N. J.) and Sewerage. THIS town, on the Central Railroad of New Jersey, located on the banks of the Raritan river, is, by reason of its geographical position, advantageously adapted for the perfection of a sewer system. It has now an ample water-works plant. A few of its prominent citizens and landholders, including Mayor Perry, are progressive men in spirit and enterprise, and seek for the introduction of a sewer system that will meet present and future requirements. On Monday of this week a public meeting was held, presided over by the Mayor, to consider a plan of house sewerage, independent of providing for surface drainage. This plan has proven quite a success in many towns. In brief, it is simply a marked reduction of cross section of area of trunk, main and lateral sewer pipes, when compared with a city system which takes surface water and with…

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