A Fireman’s Superstition.

Issue 10 and Volume 1892 12.

A Fireman’s Superstition. All men whose business requires a risk of life at all times seem to be more or less superstitious. The engineer believes as sincerely in the “ hoodoo engine” as he does in the traindispatcher’s orders. A brakeman who does not countenance omens of all kinds, and regard with suspicion certain numbers is a rarity. The gambler would as soon cut his head off as do one of a multitude of things known to be “ against the luck.” The fireman looks back over the cinders of’ the past, and sifting the ashes of some man’s actions, finds the workings of fate in them, and in his heart knows the fellow’s death was preordained. Sam Neal!, foreman of the chemical department at the Indianapolis headquarters, who is an old man in the service of the tire department, tells a little story that strongly predicates such a propensity.…

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