Latest Inventions.

Issue 10 and Volume 1892 12.

Latest Inventions. (REPORTED EXPRESSLY FOR FIRE AND WATER.) Apparatus for heating compressed air, R. A. Parke, New York, N. Y.; drainage trap, E. E. Gould, New York, N. Y.; elevator, T. Mason, Topeka, Kan.; fire alarm system, J. Sachs, New York, N. Y.; fire escape, T. J. Bergeron and F. Bedard, Minneapolis, Minn.; fire escape, C. M. Fowler, Salem, Mass.; fire escape, A. B. Cruickshank, San Francisco, Cal.; fire escape, J. A. Hunt, Indianapolis, Ind.; sprinkling device, J. L. Sardy, Pelham Manor, N. Y.; steam trap, C. Taylor, Buffalo, N. Y.; well boring apparatus, D. L. Monroe, Bloomfield, Iowa.

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