A New Ladder Extension.

Issue 10 and Volume 1892 12.

A New Ladder Extension. An extension ladder that is worthy the attention of firemen is the invention of Carl Albert of Cincinnati, illustrations of which appear herewith : The main idea of the device, as will be seen, is to provide an efficient fire escape which can be used for any building, and which can also be used by the firemen in gaining entrance to the upper floors of buildings, or for carrying up and using lines of hose. I’ig. 1 shows the machine as it is intended to stand when not in use ; Fig. 2 as it appears after arriving at the fire and having been made ready for use ; while Fig. 3 shows it fully extended. It will he seen to consist of a four-wheeled truck, to be drawn by horses, and supporting a system of telescoping frame-work, which is so arranged as to permit of…

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