Issue 14 and Volume 1892 12.

MISCELLANEOUS. The contract for paving with asphalt six streets of the city of Troy, N. Y., was recently awarded to Patrick McKenna, he to use the refined asphalt of the Standard Asphalt Company, 54 Wall street, New York. The contract was given alter a careful hearing of the contracting board of the city of Troy, as to quality of material. The Shoe Sole Preservative Co., George H. Buisson. manager, 12 Barclay street, N. Y , has on the market a very effective preservative for keeping the soles of shoes from dampness and wearing. By the simple process of painting the soles with the preparation, the inventor claims that twice as muh wear can be obtained, and so waterproof is the leather made that rubbers are not required in wet weather. The material has received the very appropriate name of NKVERWEAR. From reports received by a representative of FIRE AND WATER,…

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