A Well 10,000 Feet Deep.

Issue 15 and Volume 1892 12.

A Well 10,000 Feet Deep. Dr. G. A. Miller of Colfax, inventor of the gravity torpedo excavator, is anxious to have his water proposition which he made recently to Spokane taken seriously. He writes: “I made and now remake a proposition to Spokane to blast a well shaft 10,000 feet, more or less, at the option of the council, a twelve-inch shaft. Seventy-five per cent to remain in the city treasury until completed ; twenty-five per cent of the price to be paid on the completion of 1000 feet and like sum at the completion of each and every 1000 feet. It is hardly possible to go through the crust of the earth far but what water, gas, oil and certainly heat, all of which would pay for the labor and expense, as heat would be valuable to generate steam or heat for building purposes. If twelve inches is too…

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