Omaha Water-Works.

Issue 15 and Volume 1892 12.

Omaha Water-Works. THE World-Herald of Omaha city comes out in a leader against the water company of that city as to how its people are robbed by the extortionate charges of the company. We advise The Herald to be more specific in its statement. The third paragraph of the leader claims, “We only know in a vague way that its high rates yield an enormous revenue far above that which other companies receive for similar service.” An able daily journal edited in the interest of the people ought to take pains to find out the facts in the case. Vague information is apt to be misleading. The city of Omaha will doubtless in due time possess the property and plant of the Omaha waterworks. The city will doubtless desire to obtain the franchise at a fair price. The company will naturally seek to hold on to their corporate existence as…

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