A Little Insurance Story.

Issue 17 and Volume 1892 12.

A Little Insurance Story. A curious story has been told of a Valesquez in the possession of a nobleman in the north of England. The picture is a typically good one and it is noticed in all the memoirs of the great Spaniard. It is also insured for _____1000—and in this insurance the gossip now centres. Some little while ago a careless cigarette smoker visited the castle where the picture is hung, ana throwing away a match it stuck to the canvas of the masterpiece and burnt a hole in it. Thereon the owner communicated with the insurance office and demanded his 1000. The office sent down an assessor, who examined the picture and found that the small hole was burnt in an unimportant portion of the background, and he pointed out that an expert in London would so restore it that the injury would never be noticed. In view…

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