The Cairo Fire Brigade.

Issue 17 and Volume 1892 12.

The Cairo Fire Brigade. The recent report of the chief officer of Cairo, Egypt, shows that during 1891 there were 142 calls to fires. Only fourteen were large fires. At a fire in some stacks of tibu and dried stalks stored at Foum-el-Khalig, a steam engine was being drawn to a water plug, when some sparks from the firebox fell on a quantity of dried stalks with which the roadway was strewn, blazed up, and set fire to the woodwork of the engine, and with hose, suction pipes, etc., was entirely destroyed. The engineer (Yussif Hamond) in charge turned off the steam and thus prevented an explosion. The horses were unharnessed and removed to a safe place. At the fire in Abdeen Palace, which was the most serious during the year, a quantity of canvas hose had to be abandoned, the firemen escaping with their lives. Great assistance was rendered…

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