Issue 17 and Volume 1892 12.

SEWERAGE. NEW SEWERAGE SYSTEMS AND EXTENSIONS. Chattanooga, Tenn , extensions. City Clerk Stewart. Fort Wayne, Ind., extensions, City Engineer Randall. Saranac Lake, N. Y., system, town clerk. Paterson, N. J., extensions. City Clerk Geo. Boyd. Toronto, Ont., extensions, Mayor R. Fleming. Golden, Colo., system, town clerk. Louisville, Ky., improvements, Mayor C. Jacob. Oswego, N. Y., extensions, Health Com. Hamilton. Denison, Texas, extensions, City Secretary M. J. Scott. New Haven, Conn., extensions. President H. S. Damson of the water company. Meriden, Conn., completion. Town Clerk H. Hess. South Brooklyn. O., extensions, town clerk. Redwood city. Cal., system, City Clerk Glennan. Ottawa, Ont., extensions, Alderman Cliff. Stratford, Conn., extensions, Town Clerk H. K. Stagg. Topeka, Kansas, extensions, City Clerk Geo. Tanher. Davenport, Iowa, extensions, City Clerk N. C. Martin. Newcastle, Wyo., extensions, Supt. D. Miller. Elmhurst. Ill., system, Town Clerk Baeder. San Francisco, Cal., extensions, City Clerk Russell. Lansingburgh, N. Y., extensions,…

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