A New Filtering Apparatus.

Issue 18 and Volume 1892 12.

A New Filtering Apparatus. A company was formed in New Jersey recently to manufacture an apparatus for the purification of water for domestic uses in addition to destroying all germs in milk or water. The system consists of a self-cleaning filter of unique design, a heat valve with a circulating arrangement attached, and self-cooling, air-tight tank for storage of the sterilized fluids. The appliance not only separates the impurities, such as decaying vegetable, animal and earthly matter held in suspension by the water, but it discharges these impurities through an independent outlet. One of the most ingenious features of the apparatus is the method of automatically storing the purified water. Of the two chambers composing the circulatory system, the outside one receives and discharges the hot water from the water back of the stove or range, utilizing it for heat, while the inside or central chamber receives and retains therein…

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