Mosher Fire Alarm Bell.

Issue 18 and Volume 1892 12.

Mosher Fire Alarm Bell. About as simple a piece of mechanism as we have seen for some time is the Mosher fire alarm bell, made by the Mosher Fire Alarm Bell Company of Birmingham, Conn., the New York agent being C. S. Parsons, 139 Broadway. In external appearance it resembles a table call-bell, except that it has a long projecting cap from the centre of the gong, where the finger-tap is usually placed. In this projecting cap is an important piece of apparatus. It is rung by a spring within the gong which is wound up in the manner of a clock spring. The ringing of the bell is accomplished by a slight pressure on the pin which projects through the gong from within and into the projecting cap. The pin, however, is not accessible to the finger. The projecting cap, being screwed on to the gong, over it, covers…

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