Louisville (Ky.) Water-Works.

Issue 20 and Volume 1892 12.

Louisville (Ky.) Water-Works. (From our Own Correspondent.) The readers of FIRE AND WATER will remember that the collapse of the water tower of the Louisville Water Company was illustrated in its columns about three years ago. During a recent visit to the water-worts, I found that work was in active progress for the reconstruction of the tower and the erection of one of the most costly pumping stations in the country. This new pumping station is constructed ol Louisville limestone which is of a light color and almost as durable and as easily worked as granite. The stone is chiseled inside and out, which gives it a very finished appearance. The height of the building from top of foundation walls is fortyeight feet and from the bottom of the well sixty-one feet ; the height of the foundation from bottom of well to ground level is sixteen feet. The chimney…

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