New Orleans Fire Department.

Issue 20 and Volume 1892 12.

New Orleans Fire Department. A day or two after the convention of fire chiefs held in Louisville last month, The Evening Times of Louisville, Ky., published an interview with Chief Engineer Thomas O’Conner concerning the New Orleans Fire Department. It contained the following paragraphs, purporting to be words spoken by Chief O’Conner: “Owing to the fact that the city is so poorly supplied with water, the propertyowners are all well protected from fire by insurance. Why, you will be surprised to learn how we get water in many sections of the city. Arriving at the scene of a conflagration where there are no cisterns we dam up the gutter with mud and flood it from the nearest water plug. In this shallow and scanty pool of water the suction pipe of the engine is placed. This mud and water mixture is thrown on the burning building, most of which,” he…

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