The Gulf Stream.

Issue 20 and Volume 1892 12.

The Gulf Stream. The currents of the ocean arc the great transporters of the sun’s heat from the torrid zone to temper the climate of the polar regions. It is argued by some that such a stupendous change as that which occurred in Europe and America at the glacial period was simply a deflection in the currents in the Northern hemisphere, whereby its share of tropical heat was partly diverted toward the South. In the three great oceans—the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian—there is to be found a similar circulation—a general westerly movement in the tropics, a flow toward the poles along the eastern shores of the continents, an easterly set in the temperate zones, and a current toward the equator along the western shores. This system thus becomes a grand circular movement, some parts being very slow, but still quite constant, and other parts very swift. There are…

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