Steamers and High Pressure Water Supply.

Issue 20 and Volume 1892 12.

Steamers and High Pressure Water Supply. The following is from The Fireman of London: The value of a steam fire engine in a town where there exists what is usually called a good hydrant pressure is not by any means universally understood, although by the patient practice of explaining it over and over again we have probably done, or at least have tried to do, something to promote a correct appreciation of it. But still the question comes to us with regularity from new inquirers. What is the use of a steam fire engine to us when we have a pressure of a hundred and twenty pounds per square inch in our water mains? If we are discussing this question verbally, we usually inquire whether this very sufficient and satisfactory pressure is found in all parts of the town under discussion, and as a rule we discover that it exists…

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