Liverpool Fire Risks.

Issue 20 and Volume 1892 12.

Liverpool Fire Risks. To insurance companies, says an English journal, the remarkable state of things existing in Liverpool for the extinction or the letting alone of fires (as the case may be) has long been a matter of common knowledge. To most propertyowners in Liverpool, whether of merchandise or buildings, the rate of insurance premiums has undoubtedly been a subject upon which much discussion was possible, and to which many objections have been made. Insurance companies, however, have only one duty to perform, and that is, to adjust their rates to the risks they are running. When propertyowners reduce the risks, competition and other causes will immediately produce a reduction of insurance rates. But even as it is, the companies are unable to efficiently protect themselves, it being a well known fact that good risks pay better than bad ones. It is perfectly certain that no premium that can reasonably…

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