Issue 21 and Volume 1892 12.

SEWERAGE. NEW SEWERAGE SYSTEMS AND EXTENSIONS. Iron River, Wis., extensions, Town Clerk H. H. Augusta. Jamestown, N. Y., extensions, Mayor O. F. Price. Middleton, N. Y., extensions, President Hunbeck, com. council. Jamestown, Pa., system, P. H. Hoyt, board public works. West Hoboken, N. J., improvements, L. Sormee. Philadelphia, Pa., extensions. Mayor E. S. Stuart. Lancaster, Pa., extensions, Alderman Carson. Scranton, Pa., extensions, President Sanderson, select council. Superior, Wis., extensions, city clerk. Jacksonville, Fla., improvements, Councilman Archibald. Vineville, Ga., system, Town Clerk W. F. Anderson. Covington, Ky., system, Mayor C. J. Thomas. Kingston. Pa., system, Mayor. Sanford, Me., system, Town Clerk John Dennett. Brookline, Mass., extensions. Mayor. Lynn, Mass., extensions. Mayor E. K. Fogg. Weehawken, N. J., extensions, Mayor. The city council of Charleston, S. C., has adopted a report from the committee on sewerage providing for the making of a topographical survey and map of the city, and authorizing that…

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