Storage Reservoirs for the Rio Grande Valley.

Issue 21 and Volume 1892 12.

Storage Reservoirs for the Rio Grande Valley. The question of a water supply for Albuquerque and the Rio Grande valley south is being agitated in New Mexico. During the past season there has been but little water in the river at that point, and those interested are beginning to enquire as to how the supply can be increased. Irrigation ditches in Northern New Mexico and Colorado draw off most of the water from the river and Albuquerque is left to suffer. It is apparent that something must he done to secure more water. The construction of reservoirs offers a mode of solution of this problem. Several good sites, it is reported, can be found for impounding the water, and it requires but the enthusiasm of organization and capital to accomplish this object. It is to be hoped that the Rio Grande valley people will organize and construct suitable reservoirs for…

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