Put $75,000 in a Hole.

Issue 21 and Volume 1892 12.

Put $75,000 in a Hole. A very interesting experiment was recently concluded in Galveston, Tex., in the boring of an artesian well over 3000 feet in depth in the unsuccessful attempt to secure a supply of fresh water. The water supply of the city is furnished by thirteen artesian wells, varying in depth from 825 to 1350 but while the water is good enough for fire and manufacturing purposes, it is totally unfit for drinking and domestic use. The city concluded to invest $75,000 in order to procure a supply of pure water. Work was begun more than a year ago, what is termed the ” rotary and jetting ” being used. The well was started with a twenty two inch casing. Inside this casing a fifteen-inch pipe was sunk to a depth of 870 feet, and inside of this a twelve-inch pipe was telescoped to a depth of 1500…

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