Issue 21 and Volume 1892 12.

FOR IDLE MOMENTS. But one species of venomous bird is known to the student of ornithological oddities, the Rpir N’Doob or “bird of death,” a feathered paradox of New Guinea. Persons bitten by the creature are seized by maddening pains, which rapidly extend to every part of the body. Loss of sight, convulsions and lockjaw are the other symptoms, which follow in rapid succession. More than $52,000,000 of American money is invested in bicycles and bicycle interests. A machine attended by a man and two boys will shell as many peas in a day as could 500 women. The year of grealest growth in boys is the seventeenth ; in girls the fourteenth. While girls reach full height in their fifteenth year, they acquire full weight at the age of twenty. Boys are stronger than girls from birth to the eleventh year ; then girls become physically superior until the…

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