An Electric Pump Plant.

Issue 21 and Volume 1892 12.

An Electric Pump Plant. An electric pump plant has been built by Scott & Mountain (Limited) of the Close Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne, for the North Seaton colliery. These pumps were designed to deliver 250 gallons of water per minute through 1300 yards of eight-inch pipe, against a heading of fifty feet. The motor which drives them gives twenty horse-power when running at its nominal speed of 720 revolutions per minute. This speed is reduced to the thirty revolutions at which the pump shaft runs by worm gearing. The worm, which runs in an oil bath, is of wrought-iron, and the worm wheel is phosphor bronze. A thrust bearing is employed to take up the pressure in the worm spindle. The pumps are three in number. The rams are of gun metal, nine inches in diameter, and the stroke is fifteen inches. The crank shaft and connecting rods are steel. The dynamo…

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