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Issue 21 and Volume 1892 12.

Latest Patents. (Reported Expressly for LIKE AND WATER.) Call system for buildings, F. H. Fuller and C. B. Perkins, Holyoke, Mass.; electric alarm, H. A. Hull, New Brunswick, N. J.; elevator, A. R. Holder, Barcelona, Spain; elevator brake, J. Rose, Memphis, Tenn.; fluid motor, C. F. Elmes, Chicago, Ill.; hose coupler, J. F. McElroy, Albany, N. Y.; hose supporter, E. A. Black, Beckwith, Cal.; pipe connection for hydraulic motor, C. Mercader, Braddock, Pa.; disinfecting sewage, H. Wollheim, London, Eng. Wire glass, a comparatively new material, is finding favor for buildings where a constant shock and jar makes it dangerous or expensive to use the ordinary heavy variety. Wire glass is about one-fourth of an inch thick, and has embedded in it a meshwork of strong wire. It is stated that the Pennsylvania Railroad Company has decided to use nearly 200,000 square feet of it in its new train shed at…

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