How to Boll Water In Paper.

Issue 22 and Volume 1892 12.

How to Boll Water In Paper. When we lay our hands upon a piece of metal on a table, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, we say it is “cold;” on a piece of flannel that it is “warm.” They are both of exactly the same temperature—neither is colder or warmer than the other. They are both at the same temperature as everything else in the room. We felt the metal cold because it is a good conductor and rapidly carries away the heat of our hands. The flannel does not, so we call it warm ; it does not withdraw warmth from us. Paper is a bad conductor ; water is a better one. Or, tospeak according to the card, water is not a good conductor, but, by a process which goes on in heated water, known as convection, it acts in the experiment, we shall discover, as well as…

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