Electric Lights and Insurance.

Issue 22 and Volume 1892 12.

Electric Lights and Insurance. In discussing the question of defective construction work, says an electrical paper, one of the New York dailies asks: “Why are not the electric light companies responsible for fires due to defective wiring?” It also says; “If railroads can be legally forced to pay for fires owing their origin to sparks from locomotives not properly provided with spark-arresters, why should not reckless electric light corporations be made to bear the burdens caused by their own error or fault? It is clearly possible to introduce the wires in a safe manner, and, failing so to do, the electric light companies invite trouble, which should accrue to themselves instead of to innocent propertyowners or insurance companies. A firm legal application of these principles in a few cases would cause an awakening among the electric people as to the advisability, from a financial point of view, of installing better…

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