The London Water Supply Commission.

Issue 22 and Volume 1892 12.

The London Water Supply Commission. The Royal Commissioners on the question of the water supply of London having held some half-dozen sittings since their long vacation, have now adjourned again for a further interval, viz.: to November 15. But before doing so they obtained some important evidence bearing on the possible capacity of the existing sources of supply and the adoption of new methods for augmenting the present supply. For example: Mr. William Topley, F. G. S., who has had thirty years’ experience in the geological survey, described with the assistance of carefully prepared maps, the three main drifts of the Thames valley and the Lea valley. One of these, as he explained, is an impervious bed of clay, the second is clay mixed with sand and loam through which the water partially percolates, thus helping to feed the chalk underneath ; while the third drift over the chalk is…

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