Our Fifteenth Birthday.

Issue 22 and Volume 1892 12.

Our Fifteenth Birthday. FIFTEEN years ago The Fireman’s Journal was launched upon the journalistic sea with more or less misgivings as to the future of a paper devoted exclusively to the interests of the firemen. The first words uttered by the editors in the initial number of The Journal were to this effect: ‘It is with considerable diffidence that the editors of the Fireman’s Journal enter upon the undertaking of providing for the firemen of this country a weekly journal devoted to their interests exclusively.” That this diffidence was somewhat in the nature of a false alarm is attested by the importance of FIRE AND WATER today in the special field it undertakes to fill, and also by the very liberal support accorded it. The history of the paper is a story of continuous progress, enterprise and loyalty to its supporters. From the very start the management organized a corps…

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