Russia’s Police and Fire Systems.

Issue 23 and Volume 1892 12.

Russia’s Police and Fire Systems. I CAME to Russia fully armed for contact with the police. I have letters from Mr. Byrnes, the superintendent of the police of New York city, recommending me to the protection and confidence of the policemen of Russia. I have confidential notes of introduction from the head of our secret service of the treasury department to the chief of the third section of the Czar. These letters have been of value in giving me an insight into the police systems of this nation, which |is said to have the best regulated and the most perfect police system of the world. By it the Czar is said to know just where every one of his 100,000 000 subjects sleeps every night, and St. Petersburg is practically governed by the police. Filed away in the pigeon holes of their offices is the record of every suspected person…

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