A Talk With Chief Hennick.

Issue 23 and Volume 1892 12.

A Talk With Chief Hennick. A reporter a few days ago submitted this proposition to Chief Hennick of Baltimore: “How would Baltimore fare were a fire of equal magnitude with the one at Milwaukee to break out here?” To which the chief replied: “No two great fires are alike. Different conditions govern each one. For this reason it is impossible to predict the success or failure of Baltimore’s Fire Department in the event of a big conflagration. Besides, big conflagrations don’t come all at once. They grow, and their successful quenching depends on the way they are handled when they begin. My plan‘is to surround the fire from above, if possible, and to throw streamson the burning building from the roofs of higher buildings in the vicinity. By this means we have been able to nip in the bud more than one fire which threatened to become as large and…

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