Blunders of Fireproofing.

Issue 24 and Volume 1892 12.

Blunders of Fireproofing. Should you glance into the history of man’s efforts at fire proofing you must need stumble over the fact that a blunder blindly followed is like a falsehood oft repeated until finally believed. The blunder of fireproofiing of olden times was the crude idea of smearing or saturating with non-combustible liquid the surfaces of combustible bulk. This could appropriately be termed the ostrich system, as it was but a shutting of the eyes to fire dangers, a thin-skinned affair to say the least. The surmised apology for it is that the use and abuse of fire was limited, in both quantity and quality, at that time. Nevertheless, remember that the authors of all architecture, be it classic order, gothic style, or oriental manner, which obtains to this day, were contemporary with the authors of this smear and saturate surface system of fireproofing. The following evidence is submitted…

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