Rock Creek Improvement.

Issue 3 and Volume 1893 13.

Rock Creek Improvement. In accordance with a resolution passed by the Senate, plans, specifications and estimates have been made for converting Rock creek, from Massachusetts avenue, Washington, D. C., to the Potomac, into a closed sewer, and a report has been made by Captain Lusk. Briefly, the situation is as follows : Rock creek heads near Laytonville, Montgomery county, Md., and extends in a southeasterly direction for a distance of between tweuty and twenty-one miles, including in its watershed an area of about 77.13 square miles, the larger part of which is agricultural land. The proposition to arch over the lower part of Rock creek involves the construction of a dam of unusual thickness, with its top at an elevation of about seventy feet, across the valley, thus converting the valley above the dam into a reservoir. This reservoir must be provided with an outlet sufficiently large to avoid all…

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