Issue 3 and Volume 1893 13.

THE FIRE DEPARTMENTS. Chief Hale of Kansas City has filed his report for 1892. It shows 624 alarms, with a total loss of $385,133.15. During he year there were rescued from burning buildings with ladders by the firemen 159 persons. Gasoline stove explosions burned eleven persons, but only one died from the effects. Burns from other sources were : Coal oil lamp explosions, four; powder explosion.;, two; electric light wire, one. The last mentioned was fatal, and two of those burned by lamps died from the effects. Superintendent Pelletier of the insurance patrol of Kansas City says the condition of the patrol service is exceptionally good, and the work for the last year was of such a nature that 110 complaint was made. The patrol has, during the past year, attended 421 fires, extinguished 27 fires, spread 1445 tarpaulins and used 140 extinguishers. The Insurance patrol the past year has…

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