What Causes Explosions at Fires?

Issue 4 and Volume 1893 13.

What Causes Explosions at Fires? To the Editor: In the course of a review of the losses by fire exceeding $5000 each, to which the insurance company of which I am president has been subjected during the last ten years, I find that there have been eleven losses in what may be called somewhat destructive fires ; that is to say, eleven fires in which this company has lost from $29,000, the smallest sum, to $225,000, the largest sum, in one fire. Dealing with these fire% according to their cause and course, I find No. 1 a fire in a cotton mill, which could not be saved with apparatus as it was ten years ago, but which without question would have been saved by automatic sprinklers ; No. 2 of the same type ; No. 3 in a department which could not be protected by automatic sprinklers ; No. 4,…

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