Heroism of Firemen.

Issue 5 and Volume 1893 13.

Heroism of Firemen. At the recent banquet of the New England Insurance Exchange in Boston, Mr. Blagden, the United States manager for the North British and Mercantile Insurance Company, said of the firemen of Boston: “If there is a city in the Union which should be thankful to the firemen, it is Boston. Go back with me, as some of you can, a score of years and a little more, and stand on the corner of old Milk street after acres of your city had been burnt over and millions of value consumed; stand there and hear those citizens, as they did, say to the fire laddies, ‘God bless you! Save the old church !’ Those poor men, worn out, almost exhausted, put forth fresh energy at the call. They did save the old church and every cent of the church’s property, and in so doing, mind you, they saved…

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