Suspension Cableway.

Issue 6 and Volume 1893 13.

Suspension Cableway. The accompanying illustrations show the methods recently adopted in the Austin dam construction for conveying material. E. W. Graves, engineer in charge of the work, says: Pcrhas the most notable piece of machinery employed in the work is the overhead cableway, designed and furnished by the Lidgerwood Manufacturing Company of New York, which, owing to its efficient work, demands more than passing notice. From the natural conformation of the ground this was an ideal place for the location of this piece of michinery. The west bluff rises nearly vertical to a height of sixty-five feet above the crest of the dam, while the east bluff rises ten f et above the dam. This cable is suspended on two towers, the easterly one, in which is situated the hoisting engine, being seventy feet high, and the westerly one thirty feet high. The main cable on which the carriage moves…

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