Two Blighted Towns.

Issue 6 and Volume 1893 13.

Two Blighted Towns. The deserted town of Fargo Springs, Kan., is about two miles south of Springfield, and it is one of the landmarks of the country. At one time it had 500 population, a big twostory bank, the Pacific hotel and the accompanying industries of a thriving little city. At the very height of its prosperity it voted bonds and built a big brick school-house which cost about $11,000, and this building stands alone on the praiiie now, with only five or six deserted shanties, to tell the story. The school-house has a big bell that can be heard for miles around and it calls the four or five children in daily with a few taps when the teachei pulls the string. This school would do credit to Kansas City and yet it stands there forthe accommodation of about five small children. This town is a wonderful example.of the…

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