The London Brigade for 1892.

Issue 6 and Volume 1893 13.

The London Brigade for 1892. We are indebted to S. T. Richards for a copy of the report made to the fire brigade committee of the London county council by the chief officer of the fire brigade on the fires in London during the year 1892. The number of calls for fires, or supposed fires, received during the year was 4449; of these 1043 were false alarms. The fires of 1892, compared with these of 1891, show an increase of 254; or, compared with the average of the past ten years, an increase of 853. The number of fires in which life was seriously endangered during the year 1892 was 100, and the number of these in which life was lost was 52. The quantity of water used in extinguishing fires was nearly 31,000,000 gallons, or about 137,200 tons. Of this quantity considerably more than half was taken from the…

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