Thawing Frozen Mains.

Issue 6 and Volume 1893 13.

Thawing Frozen Mains. To the Editor : The present winter has been very damaging to water pipes IQ this city. The service or hydrant pipes in particular have suffered severely. The ground is frozen to a depth of two and one-half feet to four feet, and what at first thought might appear to be remarkable is the fact that the deepest freezing is found to be in the streets recently covered with brick pavements with tar filling. This may be accounted for because of the fact that, previous to the laying of the bricks, the streets were excavated some two or three feet and then filled with gravel and a top-layer of sand, and, although subjected to the pressure of a heavy road roller, it was not so firm and solid as the original road bed, and afforded less resistance to the action of the frost. So far but few…

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