Issue 6 and Volume 1893 13.

IN A LIGHTER VEIN. A young attorney of Indianapolis who has been making some political speeches on behalf of his party, to illustrate the rank ignorance of the officials on the other side of the house, makes use of a story, said to be the simple truth, of a certain justice of the peace serving in one of the townships in Marion county. The party had some little difficulty in securing a man to run for office, as the opposing forces seemed to have foreclosed a mortgage held on the township, and from the history of e’ections it seemed lhat the equity of redemption had been allowed to lapse. An old man, who wouldn’t know a law book from a Deadwood Dick novel, was induced to make the race, and by one of those unaccountable and unforeseen calamities which often befall a party, the old man, much to the surprise…

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