Fire Department of the Future.*

Issue 8 and Volume 1893 13.

Fire Department of the Future.* Living as we do in this age of invention and improvement and looking backward to our past methods of fire extinguishment, and contemplating our present wonderful appliances and machinery, we cannot help but think that we have arrived very near the end, and that but little improvement is possible. From the huge syringe operated by hand used to extinguish fires in the seventeenth century, to the powerful steam fire engines of the present day, is a great step in advance, but it took over 200 years to bring this about. It was not until 1690 that force pumps were provided with air chambers, while the hand engine working by suction, or rather air pressure, is not over 160 years old. The first steam fire engine was brought out within the recollection of many here assembled, and the first practical engine was built as late as…

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