An Inquiry from London.

Issue 8 and Volume 1893 13.

An Inquiry from London. We are in receipt of the following letter from our friend, S. T. Richards, officer in charge of the Crystal Palace Fire Station : FIRE STATION, CRYSTAL PALACE PARADE, NORWOOD. LONDON, S. E., February 6, 1893. To the Editor : I have sent you our annual report, and now I am sending you our pension and pay list. It may be of use to you in the future to answer any question concerning the matter, and if I can be of use to you in any way concerning the Old World fire brigade I will do it with pleasure. I would like to ask : What pay do the New York firemen get, from chief to lowest grade ? Howmany classes are there? How do the promotions take place ? For how many years do they join? Where and from what class do they pick their…

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