The Fire Escape and Extinguisher.

Issue 8 and Volume 1893 13.

The Fire Escape and Extinguisher. The accompanying diagram is a cut of the fire escape and extinguisher combined—“fire apparatus”—recently patented by M. A. Tauley of Eau Claire, Wis., which is designed to be raised in the centre of the street so that firemen may work over telegraph and other wires that are strung on poles and be independent from any building. The apparatus is provided with insulated shears for cutting all kinds of interfering wires. When not in use the sections are run down to make the ladder as short as possible, and all lay nearly horizontally on the frame. The apparatus being placed in position for raising, the gears of frame are turned, thus forcing the rack-bar forward, which raises the sections to any desired angle. In the meantime a fireman climbs the first section, cuts interfering wires, runs up section two to its position, swings the platform of…

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