Water Waste and Water Meters.

Issue 9 and Volume 1893 13.

Water Waste and Water Meters. James H. Windrim, director of public works in Philadelphia, should have been properly supported to meet the attack of the Manufacturers’ Club of Philadelphia. The members of the club vigorously protest against the action of Director Windrim in his efforts to meter the supply services of the manufactories and in the following substance of resolutions: First—Opposition to placing meters in manufacturing establishments and not on all consumers of water. Second—The rate is more than double the cost of water to large consumers and ‘will drive out the manufacturing interests. Third—Not a sufficicient supply for manufacturing purposes. The meter will not increase the supply, but on the contrary will interfere with the flow and result in continual stoppage. Fourth—Unless the city can give at all times sufficient water to flow in every part of a building large manufacturers are compelled to pump. Fifth—There is no thoroughly…

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