Issue 9 and Volume 1893 13.

FIRE AND WATER FINALLY, and after repeated attempts, the legislature of New York has passed the bill creating fire coronors. Much of the work done now by fire marshals in large cities will fall on the coronors, and it will be their duty to ascertain the cause of every fire in their district. The position must be kept out of politics, and only men of undoubted intelligence and honesty should be appointed to the position. I T is not an unusual occurrence for the non-technical press to discuss matters of which they know nothing about. In fact, their method and mode of discussing many questions of scientific development and practical application reveals their ignorance of the subject. One of the Philadelphia papers takes occasion to criticise the action of the director of public works, Mr. Jas. H. Windrim, for his efforts in the direction of obtaining the passage of an…

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